About Us

About Us


        Guangzhou Ascend Precision Machinery Company Limited (Guangzhou Ascend) is a high-tech company that specializes in high precision fluid control equipments and system solutions. Our company has rich experience in designing and manufacturing of precision equipment for low volume fluid dispensing, refilling, glue dispensing, and spraying applications. As a leading specialized fluid control company, our market share has been continuing to increase and we have achieved excellent growth with market recognition.

        GuangZhou Ascend have its own excellent research,design,sales team. We have offered many automatic equipments for fluid injection, filling, measuring,line stripping to customers in different areas.We also provided latest solutions for many high-tech industries,such as new energy,bio-tech chip,medical appliance,semiconductor.We have many pantented products.

        Guangzhou Ascend has not only served most of the top 20 lithium battery customers, but also served famous public traded companies and multinational corporations in bio-chip, pharmaceutical, medical devices, semi-conductor and other high-tech markets. In addition, we have served new customers in USA, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Russia, etc.  high quality, high efficiency, and best value have helped us create and bring more values to our customers in the world.

        Guangzhou Ascend also is a cooperator of American IVEK corporation,and provide various solutions in pharmaceutical,bio-tech, semi-conductor and other areas.

        IVEK  is a high-tech company located in Vermont, northeast of America.IVEK Corporation has been designing and manufacturing high precision filling pumps since 1979. IVEK- leading fluid dispenser in North Amercian and Europe. IVEK pumps use its own rotary ceramics technology which is famous in north American and European market because of high precision, high efficiency and high production capacity.IVEK pumps are wildly used in America and Europe.

Main products

Intelligent digital-control fluid injection/filling system

Standard digital-control injection/filling system

Multiplex channel dispensing and filling system

Precision Glue dispensing system

Test strip enzyme fluid dispensing system

Liquid nitrogen bead production

High vacuum valve and related system

Typical applications 


Lithium battery electrolyte injection

Medical liquid filling

Contact lens drug filling

Pre-filled syringe filling,medical liquid filling

Biological reagent filling

Hyaluronic Acid filling

Ampoule, vial, and tube filling

Other liquid filling 

Precision fluid dispensing 

Biological chip dispensing

Liquid nitrogen bead production

Contact lens production

IVD strip filling and lining

Test strip enzyme fluid dispensing

Other precision low volume fluid dispensing 

Glue dispensing 

LED chip glue dispensing

Semi conductor sealing glue dispensing

Mobile phone and electron dispensing  

New energy glue dispensing

Other Cooling gel/hot melt adhesive dispensing 


Pre-filled syringe filling

Spraying for blood collection tube/medical stent

Silicon spraying for Insulin pump

Spraying for IVD test strip spraying

Spraying for fragrance/essence

Spraying for electrical/electronic products

Spraying for other precision fluid

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